With an eclectic aesthetic, Brava explores creativity and produces personalised, unique and authentic events and weddings.

Based in Portugal, Brava is dedicated to planning, styling, decoration and furniture rental for social and corporate events.

What my clients say

When we decided to get married, we knew we wanted a reception that would mirror who we are, not only as a couple, but also our way of life. We already knew Soraia and her work and we didn’t hesitate to take advantage of her professionalism in this adventure! Dedication, sensitivity, understanding, good judgment and good taste, are only just a few of the characteristics of Soraia’s work! Thanks to Brava and its team, we were able to have a beautiful, unique and elegant reception, which reflected what we believe in and who we are in every small detail! I wouldn’t have had it in any other way! We are eternally grateful for everything, it was perfect!

Ana & Pedro
Juste Country House, Lousada

We trusted Soraia and Brava with our whole wedding day. The planning started before the pandemic, with many changes in both the date and the plans themselves, but it finally came together in June 2021. Throughout the process, we lived a roller coaster of emotions and decisions – due to the difficult times we were living, but all of them were calmed and mitigated by Soraia, with her constant availability and ability to make us feel secure. From the recommendations and assistance in choosing the suppliers, to the interpretation of who we are, our style, our tastes, the constant suggestions of how to elevate our day to the magical level that she always seems to deliver… There was no moment whatsoever when we felt that this wedding was not our own. And that’s the beautiful thing of working with Brava, it’s the ability to tranquilise us in every moment and show us every incredible thing that can be lived when our identity is respected. We’d do it again, all of it!

Maria & Tiago
Vila Boa do Bispo Monastery, Marco de Canaveses

In the middle of such an important event, that took two years to be planned due to the events of 2020-2021, Brava was able to resist, with dignity, to the attrition at each moment. From the planning and organization to the completion and coming together in the moment, the work was always up to the standards of our wishes. We recommend Brava for any and all event that you desire to organise with no concerns except enjoying the moment!

Rafaela & Eurico
Rio do Prado Hotel, Óbidos