Brava was born from the desire to create beautiful things and provide meaningful experiences.

Photographic portrait of the event & wedding planner and founder of Brava, Soraia Santos, smiling and sitting on the floor surrounded by her notebooks, inspirations, plans and notes.
Soraia Santos, Founder, Designer & Creative Director, from Porto. Photo by Arte Magna.
Wide eyes. Curious. Expressive. I cry and laugh with equal ease and spontaneity. I embrace the things I love, in the warmest hug in the world! My projects are all different. I place in each and every one of them the best of me. I lend them my hands, soul, and smile.

Trained and experienced in Event Planning and Interior Design, Soraia began her journey in the world of weddings, in 2015, with the co-foundation of PILAR Eventos. Closing this chapter, and in
order to continue doing what she loves, she founded Brava at the end of 2020. Combining her training and experience with the taste and desire to create beautiful things and moments, Soraia dedicates herself to full wedding organization, from planning to styling, decoration and floral art.

And she loves it. She loves:
Beautiful and eclectic things. Embedding poetry in things.
Meeting people and knowing their stories.
Harmonizing people's stories in their weddings.
Seeing happiness in the eyes of those who seek her.
And, as she knows that nothing is done or accomplished alone, she counts on a vast team of suppliers and collaborators, experienced and determined, so that together they can give a voice and an answer – unique – to each request.

General view of the Brava launch event room, where the meal table is in the center, carefully decorated and ready to receive the guests, as in a small and intimate wedding.
Detail of the decoration and floral arrangement in boho-chic style of the meal table at the Brava launch event, carefully planned as a small and intimate wedding. Detail of the styling and decoration in boho-chic style of the dining table and the bench seats with round cushions at the micro and informal Brava launch event. Room where the small and informal Brava launch event was held, with the guests seated at the meal table, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, cozy and with refinement. Detail of the styling and decoration of the meal table at the small Brava's launch event, where three brass candlesticks with lighted candles stand out, in an intimate and cozy atmosphere.
Detail of the styling, decoration and exquisite floral arrangements of the meal table at the launch event of Brava, such as a small and intimate wedding.

1. Wedding Planning
& Decoration

  • Full wedding planning
  • Space planning and design
  • Styling and decoration
Tell me how you idealize your day. And we'll do it.

We create unique and personalized events. Adjusted to the voice of those who seek us. To each need, scale, and ambience. We adapt to the venue and develop the structures as well as all the necessary conditions to materialize the event.
We design the concept and outline the wedding, together with those who seek us, from planning and advisory to spatial organization and design, styling, decoration and floral art. We want everything to be harmonious!

Shall we talk?

2. Creative Consulting ~ for couples and venues ~

Even if you don't quite know where to start, tell me how you'd like your day to be.

A service for couples who wish to organize their day autonomously and are looking for professional counselling in organizing their wedding.
This consultancy service also applies to venues that need to be designed, remodeled, adapted or transformed to receive any event.

How can I help you?

3. Creative Editorials
& Productions
~ for brands ~

Explain me your concept, your brand. Tell me your purpose. With soul.

Content creation and production for the promotion of products and/or brands.
Because we like to explore concepts, stir our imagination, and create scenes worthy of a movie.

Do you want to explore?
Styling, decoration and floral arrangement of the cake table at the Brava's launch event, with envelopes of souvenirs for the guests, in a boho-chic style like a wedding.
Wedding & Event planner and designer, Soraia, cutting the cake at the Brava launch event.
Brava's launch event
Planning, styling & decoration
B28 Apartments
Floral art
Graphic design
Estaminé Studio
Cake design
Standing guests toast between smiles around the meal table at the Brava launch event, in a cheerful and cozy atmosphere, like a small and intimate wedding.