A Purple Table

The year 2023 started with a great desire to create and try new things. To create only what I feel and without the responsibility of attending to clients’ briefings, without thinking too much… To let myself be influenced by my surroundings and explore colour, light, textures, tastes and sensations. Playing with and combining styling pieces and flowers, indoors or out. Creating new decorations — some I might never suggest to a client and that’s what made me think: why not? We don’t have to follow rules or standards, we just have to challenge ourselves and explore and this is the key word this year, explore.

A few months before this session, on a cold December day, I watched the film “The Color Purple” (1985). Perhaps some images were retained in my subconscious and purple, a colour I had never worked with before, took on a new meaning when, on a casual trip to the market, I looked at these aubergines.

With these experiments, which may happen regularly and whenever the professional schedule allows, I intend to show that anything can be done. Imagining and designing minimal or more sophisticated decoration; exploring large scale colour or tone on tone; producing something more out of the box and combining and joining unusual patterns and colours that can lead to the creation of beautiful tables and decorations! These essays can be used, worked on and taken to the next level when applied to wedding and event decoration. Feeling inspired? Then let’s create and explore!

Production, Styling and Decoration @bybrava.pt
Photography @maria.flor.elopements
Rentals @o_saltimbanco