Brava was born from the desire to explore creativity and beauty in special occasions and provide experiences full of meaning.

Soraia Santos, Founder, Designer & Creative Director, from Porto.
Photos © Arte Magna.

Event and interior designer, both in training and in profession, Soraia started her path in wedding planning and decoration in 2015. Combining her training and experience to her taste and desire to create happy days and beautiful memories, Soraia created Brava to dedicate herself to the complete production of events, from the planning and coordination during the day, to the creation of the concept and styling, decoration, floral design and logistics for the whole event.

Wide eyes. Curious. Expressive.
I cry and laugh with equal ease and spontaneity.
I like beautiful and eclectic things. Bringing poetry to what I do.
Meeting people and harmonizing their history in their wedding and festive events.
I embrace the things I like, in the world’s warmest hug!
Each event is different. I place in every one the best that I have to offer.
I lend them my soul, hands and smile.