Bespoke events and productions

  • Personalised
  • Creative
  • Eclectic

In my creative process, I am inspired by everything around me. Architecture, nature, the four seasons of the year, a movie or a song, a colour or a flower. I let my creativity flow while exploring the journeys I go on, while observing and feeling the design and decoration of each space I frequent or, simply, while watching the autumn leaves fall or a beautiful sunny day. And while never, of course, forgetting your own story.

At Brava, my objective is to ensure that your wedding or event exudes your personality and identity, that it is authentic to you. Weaving together my roles as event planner and interior designer, I create a completely personalised concept, adapted to your image, so that the whole celebration displays the same language, from choosing the venue and suppliers to selecting the lights, flowers, every decoration and detail.


  • Complete wedding planning
  • Creation of styling & decoration
  • Coordination during event

Brava creates unique and personalised events, adapted to each and every need, scale and environment. We adapt to the venue and develop the structures and conditions necessary to materialise everything. And, knowing that nothing is accomplished alone, Brava cooperates with a vast network of experienced suppliers and collaborators, dedicated to fulfil every request.

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Events & Private

  • Social events: birthday parties, vow renewals, family and friends’ gatherings
  • Corporate events: inaugurations and special celebrations
  • Thematic events

Life creates moments worthy of celebration, always with creativity. With Brava and our team, we organise, create and decorate all types of events, in the most varied of venues, for all moments and occasions, such as birthday and private parties, family and friends’ gathering, corporate events and thematic parties. We develop and celebrate your event at a private house, at a boutique hotel, at an abandoned warehouse, at a remote village or surrounded by nature.

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Event Styling &

  • Event concept and decoration
  • Spatial organization
  • Floral design and art
  • Materials and furniture for event decoration

Creating the concept, styling and design of each event is what Brava is most fascinated about, and it is where each even stands out. We take your history and aspirations as a reference and try to enhance your vision, uniting creativity and originality through the exploration and beauty of shapes and textures, colour and light, reflecting an atmosphere rich in senses and memorable to your guests.

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  • Furniture rental for event decoration
  • Logistics, assembly and disassembly team

At Brava, you can find a myriad of pieces and furniture, both interior and exterior, to decorate your events. All furniture and equipment can be used in the events created and designed by Brava, or it can be rented autonomously. Every year, the catalogue is improved, updated and added upon, according to the events and weddings designed.

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Editorials &
Creative Productions
~ for Venues & Brands ~

  • Editorials for weddings
  • Creative productions and product photography
  • Set design for commercial venues and fashion shows
  • Interior design and decoration for commercial and private venues

Content production for editorials, styling creation, decoration and prop selection for product photography productions and brand launch, are only a few of the areas where Brava can work with you. We like to explore concepts, let our imagination flow, create personalised scenarios and interiors that enhance your brand and mirror your purpose and style.

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